Live Your Life and GET IN the Photo (Ottawa Newborn Baby Family Photography)

As a photographer AND a Mom, I must admit that I don’t appear in many family photos. Someone’s gotta take the photo, right? On our last family vacation to Europe, I posted many photos on my page for my Dad to see along our trip, but all he ended up doing was asking me if I had been ill on the trip because I wasn’t in any of them. So I asked my Dad: Who do you think took the photos? Ok, note to self, buy one of those lamo selfie sticks next time.
But then I think about when I do newborn sessions in my studio and have Moms who don’t want to be photographed because they don’t think they don’t look good. LADIES, pleeeeeeease give yourselves a break. You JUST gave birth and bringing a child into the world is a frickn’ miracle. Your child(ren) don’t care if you have dark circles or having lost the baby weight (especially after one week, c’mon get real). EXIST in photos and live your life in the moment. Join the movement: GET IN THE PHOTO! Your family will thank you for it and you’ll be glad you did too. Watch this video for a giggle and a good reminder. 🙂

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