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I met this beautiful soul, Aileen, when I was in hospital in 2009 for my thyroid cancer surgery. She was my hospital roommate for 11 days. In addition to my own family, she was my lifeline, keeping my spirits up by sharing amazing stories about her life and telling the dirtiest jokes I’d ever heard, lol. I believe that people do not cross paths by accident — ironically we even shared the same birthday. After leaving the hospital, we kept in touch, and she became like an adopted grandmother to me. We would visit her and bring muffins and her favourite Tim Horton’s coffee and she would play the piano and organ for us, never needing a sheet of music in front of her. She moved to a retirement home last Fall in Alliston and before leaving, she asked me to take one last portrait of her. She wanted to make sure she had a fabulous portrait that they could use for her funeral someday. She showed up in her fanciest designer outfit and still looked beautiful at the age of 90. I received a card today from her daughter to inform me that she passed away peacefully in May. She will be dearly missed and i will think of her on every birthday I am blessed to have. 😢😘

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