Q: How much are your session rates?

A: Please refer to our Investment page for information on our prices and packages.

Q: Are digital files included?

A:  Digital files are not included in the session fee but, due to popular demand, are now available for purchase. You have the choice of purchasing one digital file or multiple files in a print package deal. Each image file that is purchased will be fully retouched. Both high and low resolutions will be included on the DVD, along with a print release.  High resolution images may be printed freely, but may NOT be sold or used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the photographer. A letter from me is included on the disc, which states you have my permission to print those files. Low resolution copies are smaller, watermarked files that can emailed to family or posted on Facebook. When posted on Facebook, the watermark must be showing (and not cropped out) to protect the copyright of the photo image.  Even if you do not purchase any high resolution digital files, you will receive a low resolution (watermarked) file of any image that is purchased (ie. whether in the form of a print, canvas, album, coffee table book, etc.).

Q: When do you recommend doing maternity portraits?

A: We recommend doing maternity portraits anywhere between 30-34 weeks. That’s when your belly will be nice & round but you still have a wee bit of energy left in you! Trust me (I’ve been there), the longer you leave it, the more tiring it will be for you and the more swollen and uncomfortable you will be.  If you are carrying twins or multiples, then the timeframe will probably be a lot earlier.

Q: How do I prepare for my maternity session?

A: I will send you a list of tips and suggestions for your session, but the main things are: eat a good meal beforehand (to give you lots of energy), don’t wear anything too tight before coming to your session (ie. loosen bra straps, wear loose underwear & socks to prevent lines) and keep off your feet beforehand to lessen any swelling in your legs/feet. Wear clothing that is hugs your figure and shows off your belly! I recommend jeans, white/black tank tops or camisoles, colourful top or dress.

Q: When do you recommend doing a newborn session?

A: Although a baby is considered to be a “newborn” up to the age of one month, the best time to do a newborn session is when the baby is between 5 to 10 days of age.  This is the time when your baby is in his/her super sleepy stage and is still able to curl up into poses like they were in the womb. As they get older, babies become more alert, not so “bendy” (ie. their ligaments start to stiffen) or sleepy anymore and prefer to stretch out which can make posing more challenging. However, that being said, there is another important factor in addition to age and that is the baby’s birth weight.  If a baby is born premature and/or with a low birth weight, then the session should be booked when the baby is at least 6 pounds. What if the baby is born 8-10 pounds at birth? I would answer, “how fast can you get here??”. But seriously, I would say the earlier the better.

Q: When is a good time to do a newborn session if my son gets circumcised ?

A: THIS is a very important thing to know if you plan to have your newborn son circumcised. Please, if possible, schedule the circumcision AFTER the photo session. If not, we must wait at least one week to do the newborn session. Trust me, your son needs time to heal and will not be a happy camper for the photo session. 

Q: During the first year of age, which milestones do you recommend photographing ?

A: Besides newborn, there are 3 major milestones during a baby’s first year of life that I highly recommend doing a photo session (see also “BABY’S FIRST YEAR” for more explanations & photo examples).

  1. 3-4 months —  when baby’s neck is strong & they can hold it up for longer periods; perfect time to do “baby bits” portraits!
  2. 6 to 9 months — when the baby can sit on their own (without help or support) and maybe even crawl
  3. 1 year old — when your child will be standing and maybe even taking some steps; perfect time to “smash the cake”!

Q: How do I prepare for my family session?

A: The main thing to remember is that when it comes to wardrobe, you want the family, as a whole, to blend together nicely. You want to have unity and coordination of your colour ensemble. I usually recommend the casual look, jeans and a similar (SOLID) colour/tone on top (whether it be white, black or a colour). No socks/shoes needed for the casual look. If you want a more formal look, then by all means, dress to the nines & yeah, better bring those shoes! The key is to avoid patterns, graphics, loud/neon colours or anything that will distract the eye away from the faces in the portrait.


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